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CBCC ON TV - NBC Charlotte on Larry's Look,Our Captain & Founder (Anu) was live on air as well


Cricket In Charlotte Ballantyne


Cricket in Ballantyne is still in it's infancy state.We are the first organziaed club out of the Ballantyne area and still growing.As years passed by Ballantyne has become one of the most sought after residential and commercial area of South Charlotte. With multitude of shops , companies and places to hang out. It is really a place to work,eat and play for families. With the growing population and influx of diversity we thought it would be a great idea to bring cricket to Ballantyne and to promote this very new sport in the community.It is our intent to promote cricket in the area especially with kids who would future be part of great global culture and workplace and there is noithing better than sport which can teach you the most about different cultures.